I’d like to write some lyrics in here. Stolen ones. Nothing original, or original to me at least. Sometimes it’s easier to explain the complex by simply quoting the words of another. Put them to music and they represent even more than the words alone. Time and meter and pitch and sustain combined with carefully arranged letters chosen from an alphabet of only 26 choices.

I’d like to write lyrics here… but I can’t. I can’t. I won’t.

Because if I do, and someday someone finds the words that I have put down … the combinations of those 26 letters with some spaces and some punctuation … the ones I owned until I immortalized them by writing them down rather than letting them wither and die in the synapses of my brain … well, if I put them down, and someone finds them … and likes them …

They’ll probably get sued. And a lawsuit is never an enjoyable business.

As these words are mine, so are those of the songwriter … and with such, come the rights of ownership. These words are mine. The words of others are others.

Licenses, contracts, reprint rights.

Oh hell, I’ll do it anyway. We’ll just see what we can get away with.

After all, if my words remain mine alone and are never shared with the world, just frozen here in time I can claim the words of others as my own and not give a single care as to whose alphanumerical combinations are whose.

And like I said, sometimes it’s easier to explain something through song. Even if it’s someone else’s.

Did it work? Did you hear my stolen song? Do you now understand?

I’ll hum it, just in case.

Do do do
Do doo do doo
Do doo do do do do do doodoo
Do do do do do
Do do do do
Do doo do doo do do doo do

Give up? Here’s a clue:

943443106429 7 17-32

Take your time. Do your research.

An epiphany draws near.

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