Jun 16

‘A CONFESSION’ is Coming July 8, 2016 + Win a Signed Copy

GenZ Publishing Releases William F. Aicher’s “A Confession”

Aberdeen, NJ June 27, 2016

confessionGenZ Publishing is proud to announce the July 8 release of William F. Aicher’s “A Confession,” a look inside the mind of a nameless man struggling to find meaning in a life that he now questions. Journey with him as he navigates through this crisis by recounting of the choices he has made to a captive. His falling in love with a millennial, a glossy mirror of who he used to be, just adds to his life questions. This timeless internal struggle explores the very definitions of arrogance, freedom, regret, ego, control, public humiliation, and blackmail in the digital age.

Find the book on GenZPublishing.org and on Amazon.

Enter now through July 24 to win a SIGNED COPY from the author!

About the Author

dWilliam F. Aicher is the author of two previous books. He works a “day job” as the Chief Marketing Officer for online sheet music retailer, Musicnotes.com and is also a champion of intellectual property rights in the digital age. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2000 with degrees in philosophy and journalism and lives just outside Madison, WI with his wife and three sons.


Follow him on Twitter @BillAicher and find him on Facebook.

About GenZ™ Publishing

GenZ™ Publishing recognizes that there is an underrepresentation of innovative voices in the publishing and print world. We are ready to change that. Our books are forward-thinking and deal with the issues of today that will impact the future.

We are on a mission to improve the world one word at a time. That is why we are the place for voices to be heard in a way not previously done in print and on digital media.

To learn more, visit GenZpublishing.org or email editor@genzpublishing.org.

Contact: Morissa Schwartz

GenZ Publishing

Phone (732)306-5995


Mar 16

Sneak Peek at ‘Roommates’ + Cover Reveal

As I continue my schedule of releasing one new short story on Kindle each month, I’m finishing up work on the third story of 2016. This time I’ll be releasing another unnerving, suspenseful piece – but it won’t be a bedtime story. April’s release will be called ‘Roommates’ and here’s a little preview:

Oh, you’re back. I missed you. Thought you’d gone. It was getting lonely here without you. I didn’t know how to keep on. The silence was driving me crazy. Well, maybe not the silence, but the emptiness. When you’re gone I can just tell. Even when you’re hiding or sleeping I know you’re there. Just the presence of you is palpable.

Yes, you frighten me. I don’t know where you came from or what you want. But I’ve grown so accustomed to your being here, it literally hurts when you’re away. Like a vacuous void in my head, my skull threatening to collapse in a pink, viscous implosion. Sucking into one point of blackness. The void you leave is more than the space you occupy. These hidden spaces in between my thoughts where you live are but hints at the place you take in me. Without you I am afraid I am less than nothing. Without you, my world threatens to collapse in on itself, taking me and God knows what else with it.

So I’m happy you’re back. Please sit. Stay a spell. We should go for a walk. I’ll carry you.

… and the cover:


Mar 16

‘Secret: A Creepy Little Bedtime Story’ is Free Right Now!

To celebrate the release of ‘Pretty When You Sleep,’ I’m giving away, ‘Secret,’ my first “creepy little bedtime story” for free on Kindle through March 17th.

So, if the 99 cents has been just a bit too much to invest in a short story, now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about for free. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

If you like it, the only thing I’m asking for in return is a review. If you’re feeling extra generous, tell your friends about it. And if you really like it, pick up ‘Pretty When You Sleep‘ (and come back in April when ‘Roommates’ is released!)

SECRETA terrifying thriller of the mundane. As a woman puts her baby to sleep she deals with the unrelenting drudgery known as bedtime and the continuing struggle for a good night’s sleep. As the night goes on, and weariness sets in, a secret finally comes out. A quick little read brimming with an atmosphere of dread, especially suitable for parents to read in bed at night just after getting their own baby to finally go to sleep – provided they’re okay with not getting any sleep of their own.

Get ‘Secret: A Creepy Little Bedtime Story’ here.

Mar 16

My New Suspense / Thriller Short Story Is Out Now!

About a month ago, I published my first short story: ‘Secret: A Creepy Little Bedtime Story.’ In the time since its release its been read by quite a few of you, and has gotten some great reviews. To follow this, I’ve decided to release a new short story on Kindle every month, and I’m happy to announce that May’s release, ‘Pretty When You Sleep,’ is available now!

Like ‘Secret,’ ‘Pretty When You Sleep’ is what I’m calling “a creepy little bedtime story.” It’s a short little piece, written as something you could read quickly before bed if you want to give yourself a chance of having a few bad dreams. It’s nonviolent, but unnerving, and I hope you like it.

Pretty When You Sleep

And if you liked my first two, be sure to keep your eyes open for April’s release. It’s called ‘Roommates’ and though not a “bedtime story” it’s still sure to make you squirm.

Feb 16

Official Cover Art for ‘A Confession’ Revealed

As ‘A Confession’ continues its road to publication, the official cover art has now been finalized. The design went through several iterations, including a very early version based on the “listening to a recording” concept that the book was originally written under, as well as a minimalist edition inspired by some recent editions of Camus and Dostoevksy, both of which were influential in the writing of this book.

The final version of the book took a bit more personal of a turn, showing an intimate photo (trivia: it’s a relative of my editor) on a sort of hand-bound journal inspired design.

Here’s the official cover art for ‘A Confession:’

final cover art

And here are the two unused earlier versions.

Minimalist Version

Minimalist Version


Original Concept



‘A Confession’ is slated to release in late spring or early summer. An official release date will be announced when it is finalized.

Feb 16

A ‘Secret’ Experiment

chemical-flasks-3-1416330I’m trying an experiment. While I’m in-between books, I’ve released a very short story on Kindle. I have a few others in my drawer that could work as shorts as well. So I’m testing to see if people will buy a short story (I’m setting a 2500 word minimum) for 99 cents and if you can get a steady revenue stream by building out a catalog of these to go alongside your books. I could do a big collection / anthology, of course, but I feel like in the digital age those are kind of pointless. Why buy a collection that may have stories you don’t care to read when you can just just as easily buy one story at a time?

As part of this experiment I’ve put together an ad on Amazon, targeting people who are reading within the same genre, with a max budget of $100 for now to see what will happen. Anyway, I’m curious to see the results. It very well will just be me throwing $100 in the trash can, but I figure it’s worth a try (from curiosity if for nothing else).

Obviously there are a lot of factors that could affect this test, including how short the story is, the quality of the short story itself, lack of name recognition and the fact that the story has a total of zero reviews published. It used to have a review, but somehow it disappeared. No one knows why.

Anyway, I’ll share my findings as this progresses. In the meantime, feel free to buy a copy and leave a review yourself to let me know what you thought. It’s short, but it’s only 99 cents. I think it’s worth more than a Snickers bar.

Feb 16

Why ‘A Confession’ Is Coming from GenZ Publishing

Since writing my latest book, ‘A Confession,’ I’ve gone through a series of back-and-forth conversations with myself about how to share this new work with the world. I’ve self-published before (twice) so I know that world pretty well. It’s filled with freedom and creative control and it’s a great solution for anyone who wants to get their work out there. It also hasn’t worked all that well for me.

Part of that reason could very well be the quality of my previous work. I’ll be honest – some of it’s not all that great now that I look back at it. I’m still proud of the stories I told, but I could definitely have used the help of an editor and other professionals to groom and refine the work to be better. On ‘The Trouble With Being God‘ I didn’t use any professionals, instead relying on the help of friends and relatives (and, stupidly, my own editing skills) to put together a finished product. The book that’s out there shows this  – and while be no means is it a bad book, it definitely could have been better (the reviews seem to agree.) When I’m feeling generous, I think of it as the tape I sell out of my backpack that I recorded on a four-track in my garage.

Starving the Artist‘ (my book on the value of intellectual property in the digital age) is a bit more refined. Part of that was due to the fact that I wrote that book in a fairly constrained time period and it was all part of one continuous process (The Trouble With Being God took eight years, off and on). Another part of the stronger finesse was the fact that I engaged the services of a professional editor. It ended up a stronger piece in the end – which honestly in a nonfiction work is even more important than in a fiction piece.

Now, in late autumn of 2015 I furiously cranked out my new novel, ‘A Confession,’ over a two-week period. I wrote it at a fevered pace, and frankly was very surprised at what I came up with. I’d already been working off and on on another novel (a sci-fi speculative futurist book I’m currently calling ‘I Am David Sparks’) and ‘A Confession’ was a sidetrack. The thing is, when I was done with it I loved it. I made edits and did rewrites and every time I went through it I loved it more. I decided it needed to be finished and published, and I was going to do whatever I could to make sure it was the best possible book I could put out there.

I’d been reading a lot of classic literature, and realizing how many written work exists, I wanted something that, while not necessarily the quality of work by Camus or Steinbeck or Huxley, would at least be able to stand on its own against them and not feel like a waste of my readers’ time. With all the classics I’d been reading, and a continually growing backlog of even more classics, I realized that there is already more great literature out there than I can read in my lifetime. If I am going to release something new, I want it to be worthwhile.

In order to do this, I decided I needed to work with a team of others who are also invested in creating a quality book. I queried agents, and got a big pile of rejections (or just no response whatsoever). I looked back at self-publishing and talked to some great editorial freelancers who’ve done fantastic work. And I also talked directly to some smaller presses. It’s with one of those smaller presses that I decided to move forward with the publication of ‘A Confession.’

When I came across Morissa Schwartz and her new GenZ Publishing company, I was immediately intrigued. Although a minor press, and one that’s still defining itself, it’s one that has a clear vision of who it wants to be. There’s pedigree behind those running it, and there’s an eagerness that I haven’t come across much in today’s publishing world, outside of self-publishing independent authors. I went back and forth a while. I could self-publish. And I could even end up with a great product that way – but this time I want to work with a team, and be part of something that’s new and exciting and has the opportunity to be something different in publishing.

So, ‘A Confession’ will be coming out through GenZ. There’s no publication date set yet – but as soon as that’s nailed down I’ll be sure to share it. GenZ has a lot of books on its release schedule, from vampire fiction to mystery to poetry to nonfiction books about chi (and a lot of other genres too) and my work is one more to add to that roster. It’ll be available in due time, and when it is it will be a professional book of a quality I and my publishing partners will be proud of.

It will be a book worth reading.

P.S. If you’re curious just what ‘A Confession’ is all about, here’s my attempt at describing it.

The unnamed protagonist of A CONFESSION is a 21st Century man caught in a classic struggle to define meaning and redemption for a life he finds himself questioning. To work through his crisis, he recounts the propriety and value of the choices he’s made so far, confessing them in honesty to the only person to whom he feels safe divulging his secrets.

An exploration of arrogance, freedom, regret, ego, control, public humiliation and blackmail in the digital age, A CONFESSION exposes man at his most vulnerable.

In this work of fiction, William F. Aicher channels the existential works of Camus, Sartre and Dostoevsky and the moral dilemmas facing modern man to create a tale for our age.