As already stated on the official book site, my debut novel, The Trouble With Being God, is now available for purchase at

Due to this wider availability of the book, the book is no longer available as a free download.  Previously I suggested that content creators offer their material as free to build up a fan base, and I still stand by this suggestion.  One thing I failed to mention, however, is that once you’ve achieved that base, if your goal is to sell a product, then you need to switch gears.

Obviously I have switched gears.  There are literally hundreds of individuals who have already read The Trouble With Being God, and I still am giving out free copies here and there – especially to those individuals who I’ve determined are likely to be influencers and have the potential to spread the word about the book most effectively.

So yes, I originally stated that my main goal with this book was to build up a base of readers and to then sell my next book.  I’ve changed my mind.  After much thought, I came to the decision that The Trouble With Being God does have value, and that by simply offering it for free I was also risking instilling in readers that the book does not (some people still tend to think of free as “poor quality”) – and the likelihood of an upsell to a physical copy was slim.

So, will all of this early stage of promotion pay off?  Will word-of-mouth from the early adopters actually sell copies of the book?  I’ll keep you all updated on the status of this ongoing experiment in the world of self-publishing and marketing as it continues to unfold.

In the meantime, you can always join in the experiment by buying a copy of The Trouble With Being God: A Philosophical Thriller

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