Great article here from the Guardian about an artist who has been fighting with Grooveshark to get them to finally stop giving her music away for free (without her permission) – once and for all.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t go so well for the musician.

It started when I tried searching for songs I’ve cowritten. Amazingly, I found almost every song I’ve ever released – even songs in Swedish. Now, to clarify, Grooveshark does not have a licence to feature any of these songs, and they don’t pay me anything. It’s essentially a filesharing site, with users uploading music libraries to be streamed by other users. Much like YouTube, Grooveshark says its service is legal as they have a DMCA takedown procedure in place.

via Behind the music: Why won’t Grooveshark remove my music? | Music |

Grooveshark Continues to Post Unlicensed Music (Over & Over & Over)

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