This year I’ve made it a goal to read at least one book from a fellow independent author per month. From those, I also plan to share those which I find particularly good to help other independent authors find potential readers.

My first read of 2018 was Eva Garcia Fornet’s ‘Keep Ithaka Always In Your Mind‘ and it absolutely is a book I recommend checking out.

Here’s the review (as posted to Goodreads and Amazon).


What an absolutely beautiful book. An exploration of lost love. Even just a moment in time, and how it can affect one’s entire being. Written with gorgeous parallels to topics like quantum theory and Greek mythology in equal turns, while taking place in our altogether real, current world.

To call this science fiction is a slight misnomer, as it’s a love story – just with some of the thought processes around it tying love into the greater whole of the universe (or multiverse). I was often reminded of The Book of Strange New Things (though that’s much more actually sci-fi – though still thematically similar), the beauty of The Genius And The Goddess and the “melancholy” of Lars Von Trier’s film, Melancholia.

While not a native English speaker, Fornet still has a firm grasp on the use of the language – and honestly this adds quite a bit to the way the story is told. Small, not overly verbose sentences. Sometimes broken in their English. All showing a fragility that’s core to the overall story.

As I’ve said before, five star reviews come few and far between for me … but I honestly believe Eva Garcia Fornet’s ‘Keep Ithaka Always In Your Mind’ is fully deserving of every star and praise I can give it.

You can purchase the book here.

Please note that I will not be posting any negative reviews of independent authors here. The sole purpose of this series is only in recommendations. If I read a book from an independent author and do not like it, or find issues, I may communicate this directly with the author, but will not be slamming their work here on my blog. This is all about positivity here – and my advanced apologies if you send me a book and I do not recommend it. For this reason, I also will not be accepting gifts of books from authors, but instead will only be reviewing independent books I purchase on my own that pique my interest.

Indie Book Recommendation: ‘Keep Ithaka Always In Your Mind’ by Eva Garcia Fornet
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