Had they bothered to read my book, Starving the Artist, this wouldn’t have really been all that shocking. I have an entire section on Grooveshark – including public tweets they sent out to me that basically said the exact same thing years ago.

Judging from internal emails, Grooveshark opted for forgiveness. In a April 27, 2010 email to Sina Simantob, a Escape Media Group director, Andrew B. Lipsher, then a partner at private equity firm Greycroft Partners, explained that he understands "the ask forgiveness and not permission strategy. It is a hard one to swallow as an investor knowing what I know, but the labels have been so horrible and naïve that I think it is the only one that makes sense."

via Internal Emails in Grooveshark/Universal Case Show Grooveshark Opted to Post First, Ask for Permission Later | Billboard.biz.

Internal Emails from Grooveshark: Ask for Permission Later
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