Effective today, the Kindle editions of my books, Starving the Artist and The Trouble With Being God are both now just $2.99 each.

If you’re unfamiliar with my work, Starving the Artist: How the Internet Culture of Free Threatens to Exterminate the Creative Class and What Can Be Done to Save It is about 100 pages on the value of creative works and how that fits in with today’s online culture (based primarily on my experiences from working in the online music industry.)

The Trouble With Being God is a fictional thriller / murder mystery with a healthy heaping of gory bits in there. My first book, written in my early-to-mid-twenties. has gotten decent reviews, although it seems to be more of a love it/hate it kind of thing for most people.

So yeah, they’re both just $2.99 each on Kindle. Enjoy.

My Books Are Now Super-Awesome Deals on Kindle

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