I’ve been on Instragram for quite a while now, but never really got that into it until about six months ago when I finally started to understand the way it and the community works. Since then I’ve been a fairly active instagrammer (even if I only have about 150 followers) – but recently I was inspired to start a separate, themed, Instagram account.

With all the beautiful photos I see people post of their books, I knew the world didn’t need another cover art Instagram / bookstagram account. So I didn’t go there. I did, however, find inspiration elsewhere – in the notes and markups I’ve found in the used books I’ve been reading.

It’s pretty fascinating, in my opinion, to see what sections people mark or underline when they are reading a book. Not to mention all the interesting notes people actually write in the margins. My new Instagram account (markedbooks) is entirely focused on sharing these finds. I’ve been going through piles of used books and snapping photos of what marks others have made in them, and sharing them now online via Instagram.

Anyway, feel free to follow. I’d obviously love more followers – but I also think it’s just an interesting project. It’s like peering through little windows into other peoples’ brains. I like that.

New Instagram “Bookstagram” Account: MarkedBooks
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