As I keep working on various short stories to break up the writing of my next novel, I have quite a few ideas on the back burner. One of them involves a radical environmentalist who gets stuck in a tight situation, and as part of that I’m doing additional research on environmental agitators and extremists.

I picked this book up at a big discount at a major retailer when I saw it in their used clearance section, hoping to get some research in to make this new character more fully fleshed out. It turns out that the book wasn’t all that useful in that vein, as Mike Roselle actually tends to stay away from the more radical / anarchist end of things than I had expected from the title. That said, it actually ended up being a pretty interesting read, as I don’t know too much other than what I’ve seen or heard in passing about those heading up the environmental movement.

Some interesting history here, and some great anecdotes – as well as some good clarification of the rationality of many of those who are leading the charge to ensure our environment is taken care of and respected. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s interested in learning more about the actual goings-on of the movement, beyond the sensationalist stories that are the ones that make the nightly news.

If you’re at all interested in the environment and what various grassroots organizations are doing and have been doing for the past 40 or so years, definitely give this one a read.

3/5 stars.

Review of ‘Tree Spiker’ by Mike Roselle
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