Well, well… it looks like waiting for a bit and not buying Motorola’s Xoom was good for a few reasons (now including that they’re stopping production on them).

A month ago I swapped out my Palm Pre for the HTC Evo 4G and so far have been surprisingly pleased with Android. I’ve had an iPad since launch, but even though it’s a very nice device, I still can’t get over the walled garden of Apple. It’s part of why I’ve never been an Apple fan, I guess (I used to love customizing the components on my PCs – something Macs never let you do).

So, all of this, along with the fact that I’ve loved every Samsung device I’ve had (TVs, Blu-Ray and even my old Instinct phone) gets me very excited to see that they’re finally learning from the mistakes they made with the first Galaxy tab (in particular, price and size) and are coming out with some very tasty looking updates.

The numbers are all there for the specmeisters, with this reworked Galaxy Tab rocking a slightly larger touchscreen over the iPad 2, higher resolution, a 1GHz dual core processor and lighter 595g weight compared to the 601g of the iPad 2 Wi-Fi. But the most important number of all is its price. Unlike Samsung’s overpriced predecessor, the 16GB Wi-Fi Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will cost exactly the same as the iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16GB: $499. Bam!

via New Tablet: Is the Revised Galaxy Tab 10.1 an iPad 2 Killer? [GALLERY].

Looks like a Galaxy 10.1 is in my future. Now I just need June to get here (unless Samsung wants to send me one early … wink, wink).

Oh yeah… I forgot to mention that I picked up a Xoom a few weeks back for the office so we had a good-sized Honeycomb Android tablet to use for app development. I really dug it and the new WiFi only version was at the top of my “to-purchase” list. Samsung squashed that idea.

Samsung Just Killed My Xoom Lust

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