It’s been about six months since I last updated this blog.  That’s a long time – too long, if you’d ask pretty much anyone out there who’s telling you how to build your personal “brand.”

The thing is though, your personal “brand” needn’t be like everyone else.  What’s really important is what you want to define yourself or your brand as.

I’ve been silent for a long time – not because I don’t have anything to say, but rather because I’ve been taking the time to embrace silence.  Spending time updating a blog on a regular basis doesn’t really accomplish a lot for me, especially given the fact that life has limited time.

So instead of trying to position myself as a master of web marketing and usability, or an independent author trying to find a readership, or a dabbling artist, or a gamer, or a reef enthusiast or a father or any of those things – I’ve been actually doing. In the past months we’ve gone through the holiday season at Musicnotes, and grew sales at a fantastic rate (up over 20% for 2009).  Musicnotes has also undertaken a huge project that’s still in its early stages, but one that takes time and focus to do in order to do it right.  I’ve been actively working on being a better father and husband, and I’ve completed the first draft of that nonfiction piece I mentioned earlier.

In short, I’ve been silent so that I can focus on mastery.  There’s always a lot to say, but to be honest, it doesn’t always need saying.  Instead the time spent talking could be time spent doing or thinking.

As such, my silent period is likely coming to a close.  I have some very useful things to share, and they’ll be coming out soon.

In the meantime, I recommend you all consider just what it is you are trying to accomplish by “building your personal brand” online.  Rather than writing articles of speculation or being a “thought leader,” actually be a leader.  Take the time to go silent and stop worrying about how you present yourself online.  Instead do something fantastic and grow yourself as a person – as you accomplish, people will take notice.

This is the year you’ll likely hear quite a bit from me – and it’s because I’ve taken the time to stop talking.

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