Yesterday news came out that Showtime is pulling Californication and Dexter from Netflix later this year. Now Starz is joining the party of negative news for Netflix fans.

The channel has been one of Netflix’s closest partners, but it backed off a bit from that partnership on Thursday, when it announced a three-month delay between the time Starz plays new TV episodes and when those episodes will be available on Netflix. Starz also said that it would impose a similar delay for movies sometime in the future, though Netflix said any such delay of movies would violate the contract between the two companies.

via Starz to Delay Release of Shows on Netflix –

So, not only has Netflix been hit with several 28-day window delays from major studios on new releases on DVD and Blu-Ray over the last year, but now they’re losing some of their most popular content left and right, and getting even more of it delayed even from streaming.

Bad news for Netflix, but even worse news for the consumer probably.

Starz is Joining the Netflix Devaluation through Delay Party

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