So this new short story I’m working on (current title: Roommates) is completely crazy. I’m not quite sure where it’s going, but it’s on its way somewhere. (It’s currently slated to be the third in my series of Kindle short story thrillers).
Here’s a snippet.

I wonder, is he lonely inside? Or does he have friend like you of his own? Maybe he has other connections. Real people. Just the idea of it frightens me. Too much vulnerability with that. I tried to get you out for a while, but I failed. Then when you disappeared I was terrified. I lost you. But you were always here. Just hiding someplace new. Someplace all your own. I hope you share it with me someday.

Maybe I should share you.

I dreamed about you the other night. At least I think it was you. You were rising and expanding in my head like bread dough. I kept trying to push you back in, but no matter how much I pressed on the rising mass to push it back in, it just came out another place. Eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth. I didn’t have enough hands, so eventually I just let you expand. As you overflowed my cranium I scooped out a spoonful, ate it and let it digest. It spread throughout me, like a light to my toes and fingertips. I became one.

P.S. Here’s a bit of the music that’s “inspiring” this one.

Working on Something New (Roommates)
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