I’m addicted to my Roomba. In fact, I’m so addicted that I’m addicted to three Roombas (and one Scooba).  They all have names.  There’s Bob 2, Bob 3 and Sir Roberto the Fourth.  (Bob 1 died, unfortunately).  The Scooba is named Norbert.

If you don’t know what a Roomba is, the basic idea is this: it’s a robot that vacuums for you.  (Scoobas mop). Yeah, it doesn’t take too much work to vacuum.  But what a Roomba does is quite a bit more than that – it’s the things you don’t really think about when you think of vacuuming.  Of course the actual “work” part of vacuuming is gone – but the additional benefits are where these little robots really shine.

Roombas are small in height, which means they go under all your furniture – no more moving the couch to clean up the cat hair that’s accumulated.  They’ll go pretty much everywhere you need them to go, and they’ll do it for you pretty much as often as you want.

The basic gist here is that you really have better things to do with your time. Technology is out there that makes it completely possible for you to free up more time for that “doing” I’ve been going on about.  Living life and growing as a person doesn’t involve vacuuming or other remedial tasks.  Go do yourself a favor and pick up a Roomba for yourself.  Run it every day (it’s as simple as pushing the “clean” button) and then proceed to go about living your life.

Your house will be cleaner than ever, and as a result you’ll feel better in both body (from not having to breathe in all the dust, dirt and dander you never even knew was accumulating every day) and spirit (a clean house makes you more at ease, plus you have a bit more time for yourself).

My one warning: Don’t fall prey to watching your little robots do their thing.  Yes, it’s mesmerizing – but you’ll end up wasting more time than you saved.

You Need a Robot to Do Your Dirty Work
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