As feedback and reviews of ‘A Confession‘ come in, I’ve sat down with my publisher and we’ve worked out a revised description of the book to help potential readers get a better feel for what exactly ‘A Confession’ is about. Calling it a 21st Century libertarian existential crisis just doesn’t cut it, and neither does the vague description that we originally went with. We originally kept it purposefully vague so you discover more in the book, but it turned out to be so vague that people really had no idea what the book was even about.

Here’s the revised description. It should be updating to Amazon, etc. soon.

How far would you go to clear your own conscience? Would you destroy another’s integrity purely to ensure your own absolution? In ‘A Confession,’ we are confronted by a man who’s reached the limit of what even he can rationalize as within the limits of his own morality. Having reached his breaking point, he reaches out in desperation to purify his own conscience, spilling the secrets of his life that have formed the man he has become – even if doing so means destroying others in the process.

In this modern tale of amorality, William F. Aicher takes us through the memories of a man who, while having lived a life of confident righteousness, now questions the very fiber of which he is made. Taking inventory of a life defined by substance abuse, love, sex, politics and a newfound ease of inflicting public shame with the help of social media, ‘A Confession’ invites the reader to take a seat and listen to a man come to grips with his own secrets.

As these truths are exposed, the rationality and logic behind them begins to unfurl, leaving both the narrator and reader ultimately questioning if indeed any of us can claim to be truly good.

If you’ve read ‘A Confession’ we’d love to hear your thoughts on how this new description matches the book. Tell us how you’d describe it in the comments.

If you haven’t read it … well, read it.

‘A Confession’ Has a New Description
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