chemical-flasks-3-1416330I’m trying an experiment. While I’m in-between books, I’ve released a very short story on Kindle. I have a few others in my drawer that could work as shorts as well. So I’m testing to see if people will buy a short story (I’m setting a 2500 word minimum) for 99 cents and if you can get a steady revenue stream by building out a catalog of these to go alongside your books. I could do a big collection / anthology, of course, but I feel like in the digital age those are kind of pointless. Why buy a collection that may have stories you don’t care to read when you can just just as easily buy one story at a time?

As part of this experiment I’ve put together an ad on Amazon, targeting people who are reading within the same genre, with a max budget of $100 for now to see what will happen. Anyway, I’m curious to see the results. It very well will just be me throwing $100 in the trash can, but I figure it’s worth a try (from curiosity if for nothing else).

Obviously there are a lot of factors that could affect this test, including how short the story is, the quality of the short story itself, lack of name recognition and the fact that the story has a total of zero reviews published. It used to have a review, but somehow it disappeared. No one knows why.

Anyway, I’ll share my findings as this progresses. In the meantime, feel free to buy a copy and leave a review yourself to let me know what you thought. It’s short, but it’s only 99 cents. I think it’s worth more than a Snickers bar.

A ‘Secret’ Experiment
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