I am proud to announce I am joining with other writers including Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Richard Chizmar, and others in an upcoming charity anthology for families of victims from the 2019 Virginia Beach shooting.

Dark Tides: A Charity Horror Anthology

My contribution will be a BRAND NEW “creepy little bedtime story” I wrote specifically for this anthology, titled “Nightswimming.”

As for what the story is about… well, let’s just say it’s kind of my version of JAWS, but for swimming pools.

The anthology is titled ‘Dark Tides‘ and is being put together by the independent publisher, Gestalt Media.

100% of proceeds will go to the Virginia Beach Tragedy Fund.

Please consider buying a copy of the book here and supporting this worthy cause.

Learn more about this cause, and order your copy of Dark Tides here.

Dark Tides: A New Charity Anthology with Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Richard Chizmar, and others

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