What happens when a writer with a penchant for suspense, who also happens to be the father of three boys reads ‘Goldilocks’ as a bedtime story to his youngest son? He thinks to himself “You know what would be cool? If the bears ate the little girl at the end.” Then he goes off to write a scary story.

That’s how Fairy Tale Ending, the latest installment in my “Creepy Little Bedtime Stories” series came into being.

But it’s not just the story of Goldilocks with a carnivorous end. It’s instead a mashup of several fairy tales, all combined with a side of splatterfest gore. The magical forest isn’t so magical this time around. Instead the magical creatures are vicious monsters, and the girl isn’t a dainty damsel in distress who gets saved by her prince in the end.

And like any good horror story, this one doesn’t have a happy ending.

Considerably longer than previous entries in the “Creepy Little Bedtime Stories” series, Fairy Tale Ending is my first “novelette” but still should be short enough to read in under an hour … just enough time to get snuggled up in bed, a little sleepy, and primed for a sleepless night.

Get your copy here.


‘Fairy Tale Ending’ – My First Creepy Little “Novelette” Is Now Available!
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