My short story, ‘ROOMMATES,’ is available as a free e-book download for those of you who’d like to read it (or for purchase on Kindle). But I’ve also now added a free audiobook version here, recorded and provided by Scott Feighner.

It’s a short little listen – just under 30 minutes. But it really does a good job capturing the feel of the story I wrote.

So, if you’re looking to sample my writing or just want to hear a creepy story, give it a listen below.

Story Description:

They’re there. Inside your head. Little things. Foreign things. Friend or foe or maybe just part of you. Do you let them out? Do you let them grow? Do you do your best to kill them?

Roommates is the account of a man’s struggle with a battle inside. A struggle for sanity and peace and the end of loneliness. No matter the cost.

Free Audiobook: ROOMMATES (A Creepy Little Bedtime Story)
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