A few months ago I published ‘Pretty When You Sleep,’ the second of my “creepy little bedtime stories” to Amazon Kindle. It’s a short thriller, looking at the creepiness of stalkers in the age of social media. Kind of “Instagram Horror” – which apparently is now becoming a thing – as the YouTube short below can attest.

Well, now if you sign up for my e-mail newsletter you can get a copy of my short story for free. (To be clear, it’s a completely different story than the video – they’re just in a similar genre. I had nothing to do with the 3 Seconds film, although I do love it.)

Here’s the synopsis of ‘Pretty When You Sleep’

In this “creepy little bedtime story” by William F. Aicher, we wake up with a young woman in the middle of the night. It seems poor Thalia can’t sleep, so she does what any other twenty-something would do – she checks her phone. Only then does she realize, she’s not alone.

A quick little tale of suspense – another vignette of nighttime terror. Sure to thrill anyone who’s ever had to spend the night alone in the dark. That means you.

Get a Free Copy of the Short Story ‘Pretty When You Sleep: A Creepy Little Bedtime Story’
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