This year I made myself a promise to read more books by fellow indie authors. And so far, I have to say it was a FANTASTIC DECISION.

Along with my “traditional” books (and a bunch of graphic novels/comic trade paperbacks), I’ve devoured some spectacular work by several authors I frankly wouldn’t have come across had it not been for the amazing network of authors I’ve discovered via Twitter or a personal recommendation.

The latest of these was a book called The Little Demons Inside by an independent author who piqued my interest on Twitter. Micah Thomas shared quite a few tweets that grabbed my attention, not only for the intellect they portrayed but also for his sense of humor and clear perceptions of reality and its inherently baffling nature.

So I bought his book. And it sat on my shelf. It was big. Longer than I really felt like reading. Not Stephen King long, but still long (almost 500 pages) and I’d just made my way through Stephen and Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties and that was a bit of a beast.

Then one night I reached over to my nightstand and picked it up. After that I could hardly put it down. And after cranking through it as quickly as my free time allowed, I realized I’d come across one of the best authors I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

You see, The Little Demons Inside is a highly intelligent novel, built around a simple premise: people are experimented on and get some special powers. There’s magical healing. There’s mind control. The main character can start fires by controlling the nature of matter. There’s a conspiracy. There are alternate dimensions. All things you may have seen before (especially if you dig Stranger Things and Legion, which this book is kind of a mixture of – though still wholly original) but you’ve never seen them like this. It’s frankly, amazing.

This isn’t a superhero story, though there are superheroes. And it isn’t an end-of-the-world villain story, though it has that as well. It’s much more than any of that. It’s an exploration of place in society, expectations, hopes (both true and false), and the nature of love.

Honestly, I’ve never read anything quite like it. Not just story-wise, but in terms of prose as well. It’s a beautifully-written work, one which at times reminded me of work by Michel Faber or Jeff Vandermeer. Not in the actual words though, so much as in the way their strung together evokes beauty and emotion.

Anyone who’s looking for a heady trip of a story, with strong (nonstereotypical) characters who traverse consciousnesses, dimensions, place and time all in a journey that culminates in a question of ultimate sacrifice should pick this up.

Basically, if you like awesome books by awesome writers, you need to read this.

Go buy a copy now.

Indie Book Recommendation: The Little Demons Inside by Micah Thomas (Book Review)
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