About a month ago, I published my first short story: ‘Secret: A Creepy Little Bedtime Story.’ In the time since its release its been read by quite a few of you, and has gotten some great reviews. To follow this, I’ve decided to release a new short story on Kindle every month, and I’m happy to announce that May’s release, ‘Pretty When You Sleep,’ is available now!

Like ‘Secret,’ ‘Pretty When You Sleep’ is what I’m calling “a creepy little bedtime story.” It’s a short little piece, written as something you could read quickly before bed if you want to give yourself a chance of having a few bad dreams. It’s nonviolent, but unnerving, and I hope you like it.

Pretty When You Sleep

And if you liked my first two, be sure to keep your eyes open forĀ April’s release. It’s called ‘Roommates’ and though not a “bedtime story” it’sĀ still sure to make you squirm.

My New Suspense / Thriller Short Story Is Out Now!
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