Though I primarily consider myself an author of novels and short stories, I (like many others) also write poetry and other notes and random musings as a way to express myself creatively.

Up until now, I’ve mostly kept these “raw” works to myself – in notebooks or sheets of paper, filed away in drawers and mostly forgotten.

But no more. In an effort to encourage all people to get past the barrier of fear that stops many of us from exploring creative outlets, I’ve gone ahead and posted everything I could dig up here on my website. While I call them “poems” they don’t follow any specific rules or meter or rhyme structures or anything of the sort, but instead tend to be bursts of thought and emotion captured in the moment. Most are unedited (except for typos), and what’s here is rough – but that’s the point.

Each of us has something inside of us that yearns to break free. And we don’t need to be “experts” to make this happen. That is the purpose behind my sharing of these works. I hope that by sharing them, I can encourage you all to take the leap and start making and expressing yourselves. Art is beautiful, because we make it. And as long as you put a bit of yourself into whatever you make, that means it’s perfect.

So, read my poetry (and some random musings) if you like. You’ll find them to be a pretty honest exploration of what lives inside me.

Then go write some yourself. Just let the words spill onto a page. You’ll be amazed at what you can discover about what lives insideĀ you.

My “Poetry and Other Musings” Are Now Online and Free to Read
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