SECRETAs I continue edits and revisions on my new novel, ‘A Confession,’ I’ve decided to release something new in the meantime.

‘Secret’ is what I am calling “a creepy little bedtime story” and is a short little thriller I wrote in between phases of ‘A Confession.’ While completely unrelated, and much more a thriller / horror story, it is still a tale of the mundane and hidden horrors and secrets in our closets.

At only about 2800 words, it’s a quick read, which is why I have it priced at 99 cents on Amazon (that’s the cheapest they allow). I’d considered holding back my short stories for one big anthology, but have decided against that as it seems to against a lot of what the Internet and digital distribution excels at: allowing people the choice to buy just single things they find interesting, rather than entire collections (think of this as a single).

That said, I hope you’ll find it atmospheric and creepy – and if you are a parent, I hope you read it in bed at night just after you get your baby to finally go to sleep.

You can get it here.

My ‘Secret’ Is Out
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