As ‘A Confession’ continues its road to publication, the official cover art has now been finalized. The design went through several iterations, including a very early version based on the “listening to a recording” concept that the book was originally written under, as well as a minimalist edition inspired by some recent editions of Camus and Dostoevksy, both of which were influential in the writing of this book.

The final version of the book took a bit more personal of a turn, showing an intimate photo (trivia: it’s a relative of my editor) on a sort of hand-bound journal inspired design.

Here’s the official cover art for ‘A Confession:’

final cover art

And here are the two unused earlier versions.

Minimalist Version
Minimalist Version


Original Concept



‘A Confession’ is slated to release in late spring or early summer. An official release date will be announced when it is finalized.

Official Cover Art for ‘A Confession’ Revealed
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