Hey all. It’s William again, and I have some exciting news.

I’ve been working on something extra-special for you – an all-new Phoenix Bones mini-adventure!

This one’s called BLOB IN THE BAYOU, and it takes place before Undead as a Doornail. But before you start wondering if you have to read one before the other, you don’t! It’s completely standalone – kind of like The Young Adventurers of Indiana Jones (but with more blood, more monsters, and probably a few more laughs).

Want to learn more? All you have to do is click this link and you’ll visit a special page I’ve put together just for you so you can download it for free in a variety of popular ebook formats.

“I was already dead by the time I was born, and I’ve died a lot of times since then. But somehow, someway, I came back. I always come back. My name is Phoenix Bones, and I hunt monsters.”
Before becoming an “International Monster Hunter,” Phoenix Bones was just a regular-old monster hunter, doing what he could to rid the world of evil from his home in Mississippi. In Blob in the Bayou, kayakers have been going missing deep in Mississippi’s bayous, and rumor has it, there’s a “swamp monster” to blame.
When the police give up, Phoenix takes matters into his own hands, drives south, and heads out into the bayou to save the day (and die a few times while he’s at it).

P.S. Blob in the Bayou is also for purchase as a Kindle ebook.

Get the Phoenix Bones Short Story BLOB IN THE BAYOU for FREE!
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