Today marks the release of Roommates, my third “creepy little bedtime story.” It’s a story I started months ago, then it had to sit for a while for the missing part of the story to come into being. That happened recently, and the short is now complete and available digitally as a Kindle download.

Here’s a snippet:


By William F. Aicher

Something is happening, here in my head. A something I can’t explain. Something I don’t know. But it’s there. A change. An opening. A transmutation. A metamorphosis.

I might be going crazy. Everything spins and the thoughts can’t be held. They are simply out there, just out of my reach where I cannot grasp them. But they are also inside, all scrambling and clawing to find their way out. The only solace is that I’m aware something is happening. Maybe it means there is nothing happening after all. Or that it is all in my head. But isn’t that the problem to begin with?

It’s like there is some great knowledge hiding out just past my periphery. I want to get it out but I don’t know what it is.

I feel like I’m seventeen again. The last time I thought I might be going insane. It’s probably nothing but it sure feels like something, all right.

From here out things may simply get more bizarre. I hope to hold on, for my own sake and for others, but part of me wants to succumb to whatever is brewing within.

Maybe if I just let go, I can let the reality be. Let truth and honesty exist.

Something is coming. And I’m pretty sure it’s coming from inside me.

I’m terrified to see what it is.

It is going to be grotesque.

It will be beautiful.

It frightens me because it is me.

Want to read more? That’ll be 99 cents.


My “creepy little bedtime story” series is just what it sounds like – a series of creepy stories written for you to read before you go to bed, to ensure a sleepless night. Other titles in the series include Secret – a bedtime monster story for babysitters and parents, and Pretty When You Sleep – a story of narcissism, voyeurism, social media and unlocked doors. They’ve gotten some great reviews so far, so if you’re in the mood for something scary (but maybe not too scary – definitely not gory), give them a look.

‘Roommates’ – A New “Creepy Little Bedtime Story” is Now Available
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