To celebrate the release of ‘A Good Provider,’ the fourth of my “Creepy Little Bedtime Stories,” today through October 28th you can download the third in the series for FREE on Kindle.

A series of short (15 minute-or-so reads), each “Creepy Little Bedtime Story” is its own, self-contained scary story – written to help you have a restless night of sleep, should you read it just before bed.

roommates-cover-smallAbout the Free Download

Normally just 99 cents each, you can get your taste of the series free this week by downloading ‘Roommates’ FREE.

What’s it about? Well, let me tell you.

They’re there. Inside your head. Little things. Foreign things. Friend or foe or maybe just part of you. Do you let them out? Do you let them grow? Do you do your best to kill them?

Roommates is the account of a man’s struggle with a battle inside. A struggle for sanity and peace and the end of loneliness. No matter the cost.

Download it here.

If you like it, be sure to check out the entire series (so far). New stories will be released every 1-2 months.


‘Roommates’ is a FREE Kindle Short Story Right Now!
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