As I continue my schedule of releasing one new short story on Kindle each month, I’m finishing up work on the third story of 2016. This time I’ll be releasing another unnerving, suspenseful piece – but it won’t be a bedtime story. April’s release will be called ‘Roommates’ and here’s a little preview:

Oh, you’re back. I missed you. Thought you’d gone. It was getting lonely here without you. I didn’t know how to keep on. The silence was driving me crazy. Well, maybe not the silence, but the emptiness. When you’re gone I can just tell. Even when you’re hiding or sleeping I know you’re there. Just the presence of you is palpable.

Yes, you frighten me. I don’t know where you came from or what you want. But I’ve grown so accustomed to your being here, it literally hurts when you’re away. Like a vacuous void in my head, my skull threatening to collapse in a pink, viscous implosion. Sucking into one point of blackness. The void you leave is more than the space you occupy. These hidden spaces in between my thoughts where you live are but hints at the place you take in me. Without you I am afraid I am less than nothing. Without you, my world threatens to collapse in on itself, taking me and God knows what else with it.

So I’m happy you’re back. Please sit. Stay a spell. We should go for a walk. I’ll carry you.

… and the cover:


Sneak Peek at ‘Roommates’ + Cover Reveal
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