Roughly ten years ago I released my very first novel, ‘The Trouble With Being God.’ It was what I called “a philosophical thriller” and it was my formal introduction to the world as an actual honest-to-goodness author.

Now, ten years (and several books later), I’m revisiting that first novel with a special 10th Anniversary Edition – releasing on April 13, 2018. (Yes, that’s friday the thirteenth.)

And you can pre-order your copy right now for the Special Pre-Order Price of 99 Cents.

Now, there’s one thing I feel I should mention: ‘The Trouble With Being God’ is by no means a great book. It was my first book, and out of all the books I’ve written, I’d rank it toward the bottom of the list – mostly because over the past ten years I’ve gotten a lot of practice and have become a much better writer.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good book. Rather it’s been a pretty divisive book. Reviews of the original release ranged from cult-like five-star gushing to 1-star “this is the worst book I’ve ever read” territory. Basically, people either loved it or hated it.

As the 10th Anniversary rolled around, I decided to pick up the book myself and give it another read … and as I did, I could see merit in both of those responses. There were problems for sure, and it definitely needed some editing and better characterization – but what I found as I read it is that I got sucked back in to the story – and I still loved it.

So I decided that instead of letting it sit out there and fester, it was time to go back and give it some TLC to turn it into a book I’m proud of and one my current readers can pick up and enjoy. But that didn’t mean a full rewrite – because I wanted to preserve a lot of what I felt made that book the book it was – flaws and all. I treated it as a kind of remaster or director’s cut, cleaning things up, adding in bits that I felt were missing, and just overall improving the overall reading experience … but without changing the story.

What this means is that the version you can pre-order now is a much better version of a book written by a fledgling author. You’ll still either love or hate the ending, and you’ll still have a general distaste for all the major characters. That’s all part of the story. No one changes who they are, the events remain the same, and it’s just as dark, gritty and generally fucked up of a story as I published ten years ago. It just reads considerably better.

And along with that “remaster” of the story, I’ve added several additional bonus features including a new afterword and the original ending epilogue that was cut from the published version of the book. (Read it, and you’ll see why I cut it).

Again, the book releases on April 13th – and you can pre-order it now for just 99 cents on Kindle. A new paperback edition is coming as well.

Want to know what the book is about? Here’s the blurb:

A dead priest hangs naked, crucified on the wall of an abandoned brewery – the first in a series of grisly murders plaguing the city of Courtsdale. A recurring nightmare of blood, intimacy and death haunts the dreams of journalist, Steven Carvelle.

Someone stalks the city, and with the inside help of homicide detective, Kevin Miles, Steven investigates – searching for the connection tying the terrifying events together. But as the search unfolds and the murders strike closer and closer to home, Steven soon realizes these killings bear an uncanny resemblance to his dreams. Is it connection? Or coincidence?

Do we really ever know who we are?

And what is the trouble with being God?

If this sounds interesting, go pre-order your copy today.

P.S. Check out the awesome new cover.

‘The Trouble With Being God: 10th Anniversary Edition’ is Available for Pre-Order at JUST 99 CENTS.
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