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CALIBRATION 74 is available now on Paperback and Kindle.

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Calibration 74 by William F. Aicher

Calibration 74

by William F. Aicher

Giveaway ends March 14, 2021.

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From the author of such underground favorites as A CONFESSION, THE UNFORTUNATE EXPIRATION OF MR. DAVID S. SPARKS, and THE TROUBLE WITH BEING GOD, comes a mind-bending, lyrical and surreal adventure, written in the midst of a global pandemic, that “pushes the limits of what it even means to be a novel.”

“… the author at his best. Previous works reminded me of Philip K. Dick or Chuck Palahniuk … but with Calibration 74 Aicher has found himself among DeLillo, Danielewski, and Joyce” — Jonathan D. Clark, author of Arcadia and False Cathedrals


Numbers. Keys.
Locks and boxes.
Mermaids, eggs, and trees.

Past, present, future.
Time collapses and expands.

Mazes, paths, and destiny.

A library card.
A skull.
A mouse.

Truth and lies and peace.


Written in the midst of a global pandemic, CALIBRATION 74 is an experimental poetic flow-of-consciousness exploration of reality, fantasy, and all the spaces in-between.

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